Bobby McFarland

Obituary of Bobby Earl McFarland

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, Bobby Earl McFarland Sr., beloved husband and devoted father of five, passed away at age seventy-five. He was raised in Richmond, California and born on November 6, 1947.  He was the firstborn child of Geneva and Jeff McFarland. After graduating high school, Bobby joined the Navy and served in the Vietnam War. As a civilian, he held a host of jobs until his retirement from NASA AMES Air Force base, where he worked as a civilian Logistics Manager, in 2003


During this time, Bobby became the proud father of four children: Tamara (Tammy), Angel, Bobby Jr., and Antonio (Tony). In early 1987, Bobby met his current wife Delva while working as the store manager of Montgomery Ward. Delva was in to purchase new tires for her car with Nana, her mother. And as the story goes, Bobby told his staff not to wait on her because he would be attending to her personally. While waiting for their turn, Nana took notice of Bobby and mentioned to Delva that he was cute. Delva, unfortunately, was too preoccupied with trying to get new tires to notice him, but that didn’t stop Bobby. Over the next three months, he called and left her messages until she finally accepted to go on a date with him. Bobby and Delva got married on December 12, 1987, and gave birth to their daughter, Geneva, the following year.


True to his Bay Area roots, Bobby was an avid fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Giants, and Golden State Warriors. He had a love for murder mysteries, science fiction shows/movies, and musicals. In the evenings, you could find him bouncing between Little Shop of Horrors and sports and then ending the night with Law & Order. He also enjoyed spending time with family and playing spades and bid whist. 


Bobby was best known for his quick-witted humor, laid back demeanor, and generous spirit. Those closest to him can attest to the fact that his time in the Navy had a great impact on him because, like the saying goes, he cussed like a sailor but said “please” and “thank you” like a saint. He loved animals and had many pets throughout his life, including fish, birds, iguanas, hamsters, and dogs.


Bobby is preceded in death by his parents, Geneva and Jeff McFarland, and his grandmother Rhoda C. Haines. He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Delva; his brothers Kenneth (Loretta) and Michael (Bridgette) and their families; his children Tamara, Angel (Juanita), Bobby Jr., Antonio (Ingrid), and Geneva (Jamar); 14 grandchildren; three great grandchildren; and a host of nieces and friends.


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