Janie Fultz-Reinhart-Parker

Obituary of Janie Fultz-Reinhart-Parker

Jane Fultz-Fowler-Reinhart-Parker Born April 12, 1931, she was 91 years young when she left us on May 24th, 2022. She is survived by her two children, Judith Fowler & James Reinhart along with seven grand-children and countless great-grand-children, nephews, nieces, grand-nephews, grand-nieces, extended family and on and on. She was remarkably authentic, truly the last of her kind; the last of seven children, the daughter of Arkansas sharecroppers, she was as rough & tumble as they come without the sharp edges. Shortly after the great dust-bowl of the 30’s, her family moved to southern-central California to pick cotton, grapes, oranges…anything to help feed the family. It was there she met her first husband Earl Fowler and gave birth to two children, Thomas (Tom, now deceased) and Judith (Judy). The marriage was brief and while waitressing, met her second husband, Harold Reinhart and gave birth to their only son, James (Jim). She and ‘Harry’ traveled all over the country while he installed the early warning defense system. They landed in San Jose, CA. where they remained until the marriage ended in 1973. Shortly after she met her third and final husband, Walt Parker, who had two children of his own; David and Carol Ann (the latter now deceased). They remained in San Jose where she was the office manager for his landscaping business and in the 90’s retired and eventually moved to Rocklin in 2000, Janie was widowed in 2008 and she spent the rest of her days gardening, going to church, feeding the hungry and spending time with family and friends. She used to say “If you want to know about my childhood, just read ‘Grapes of Wrath’ and that should cover about half of it.” She was fiercely independent, would have no problem speaking her mind, but also generous to her own detriment and loved meeting & being around fun and ‘interesting’ people. She would talk to and start up conversations with anyone, and I mean anyone. (God help you if you were behind her in line at the grocery store) One of her favorite things to do was to go out to dinner with family & or friends and then monopolize the table until the wait-staff started giving her the stink-eye (which rarely happened as anyone that met her, even briefly, loved her almost instantly). Even the nurses at Sutter Hospital who only knew her for a few days loved and appreciated how “sassy” she was. A common theme regularly heard from most people that knew her said that they hoped they had a fraction of her energy when they were her age. She would in fact, run circles around people 20 years her junior. Her ashes will be scattered near the beach at Capitola, CA where she often enjoyed vacationing.
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