Rena Herron

Obituary of Rena Kaye Herron

Rena Kaye Herron (Bratton) 09/30/69 - 02/19/22 Rena Kaye Herron (Bratton) was born on September 30, 1969 in Tulare, California. Rena spent her first years of life in Arkansas and the Carolinas before moving to Woodland, California in 1978. Rena grew up around many Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and her maternal grandmother. Rena had two younger sisters, Lilyin and Charlotte, for whom she became the primary care giver of, at a very young age. After the passing of her mother in 1985, Rena moved in with her Uncle Eugene, Aunt Jan and Cousin Corrie, who was more like a sister than a Cousin. After graduation from Woodland High School in 1987, Rena went to business school and earned a degree in data processing (I.T.). Rena was a dedicated and loyal employee to Woodland Healthcare and Mercy Health for many years, where she was an IT Analyst, Data Center Lead and was an editor for the group newsletters. Rena met many lifelong friends at Woodland Healthcare and Mercy. Rena has always stayed in contact with her JR high school friends Michelle Coulter Dempsey, Pamela Coulter Farley and many, many others. In 1995, Rena met her husband of 25 years Tim Herron. In 1997, Rena and Tim had their first beautiful baby girl, Kaylee Michelle. Kaylee was a spitting image of Rena and to this day, still possess Rena’s Spunky Attitude and many of her mannerisms. In 1999, Rena and Tim were blessed with their second beautiful baby girl, Taylor Nichole. Taylor grew up as Rena’s baby and favorite ballerina princess. In 2007 Rena started her battle with medical issues. Rena became an amputee in 2018, and Rena and Tim dedicated themselves to peer mentorship with many amputees, groups and families. Helping new amputees and their families get acclimated to their life’s’ new adventure as an amputee. In 2020, Rena went back to work as a Practice Manager for a local prosthetics business, where she helped many amputees on a daily basis. On October 20, 2021, Kaylee and Juan had Rena’s first granddaughter, Olivia Jade Viviana Mendez. On December 19, 2021, Taylor and Nathan, had Rena’s second beautiful granddaughter, Gaia Galaxie Greene. Rena was a very proud mother and grandmother. Rena made a point to give back more than she ever took. Rena lived life with her whole heart, was the brightest star in any room and loved her family far beyond imagination. Her legacy will live on in her daughters and grandchildren eternally.
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